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Long or Short…. of it

November 24, 2010

Not too sure how long I’ll be sitting here. My back has been grinding and seizing up for the last few weeks… then I guess I screwed it up yesterday raking, bagging and carrying the last of the nice, wet, heavy leaves. Gotta have a little lay down soon before working tonight. Heating pad, ibuprofen, rest, la-la land…..


I’ve read a couple of memoirs lately by a two Toronto musicians (and writers) – Dave Bidini formerly of The Rheostatics and Paul Quarrington of Porkbelly Futures. Dave’s book recounts his adventure as a solo act touring the world following the Rheostatics break-up. He hit London England, Scandinavia, Russia, China, a couple of African countries and a few Canadian dates… the book’s title is ‘Around the World in 57 1/2 Gigs’. Paul’s book ‘Cigar Box Banjo’ is a blend of thoughts on music and life during his final year following a diagnosis of Stage IV lung cancer, which proved to be terminal. A downer of a read this definitely ISN’T. He stayed busy writing the book, a screenplay, writing songs and recording right up to three days before he died early this year. Paul grew up not too distant from where I did and we were about the same age so he mentions a number of places I’m familiar with and events we both attended.

Now I’m better than half way through Bill Bryson’s ‘Notes from a Small Island’ recounting his tour of Britain before moving back to the States (having lived in Britain for about 20 years). He definitely appreciates the ‘best of Britain’ but doesn’t hold back on his criticism of what he sees as ‘the worst’ either. Next up – and how could there two such divergent choices, anyway? – is either the Dalai Lama’s ‘The Middle Way’, or Hunter S Thompson’s ‘Fear and Loathing in America: The Gonzo Letters II’. Have to see how I’m feeling later and make up my mind then.

Had an interesting email from cuz BJ in response to that last post regarding John’s advice. Noted dear cousin; I’m not committing myself to anything fast and foolish. More like sober consideration.

Also re Kel’s comment/ question….. would have been tracking down courses except my back has kept me from the computer. Pretty much anything ‘Human Services’-wise would do. There’s a post-grad Addictions specialty degree offered at the local university so I’ll look into their course load.

bye-bye peonies - hack & slash

Nap time for Bonzo…..


Woot! Woot!

September 4, 2009

Let the celebrations begin!! I’m working a shortened week; just 5 nights instead of 7.  50-odd hours instead of 70+… so Lynda and I can attend a friend’s kid’s wedding on Saturday. One of those rare opportunities to get out as a couple and enjoy the nuptials, dinner and some dancing. Oo, Oo; leading into the long Labour Day weekend, too. Gotta like it!!


Any other glass nuts out there?? I just came across this website by a glass sculptor who does realistic representations of germs, viruses and microbes. Beautifully intricate – go see!! I picked up the link from ‘For the Sake of Science’ – the latest addition to my blogroll. I’ll be digging back through his archives for a better look-see later on. For now, welcome Michael.






f . . . a . . . s . . . t . . .

f . . . a . . . s . . . t . . .

A couple of my nicknames around home are ‘Flash’ and ‘Speedy’ because I’m really not either. I’m sort of a laid back, laconic type – slow moving, I take my time thinking things through, thoughts idle their way to my tongue. But these pictures are evidence of what happens to me when I’ve had way too much coffee. I was just a blur heading through the kitchen on this afternoon.


Weather-wise this has been the best week of the entire summer once we had those couple of cooler days out of the way. We’re enjoying a long lasting high pressure system with nary a cloud in the sky all week – night or day. Beautiful for night sky-watching. There won’t be a ‘Skywatch Friday’ post this time because all you’d see is big blue skies. I’ve gotten along on 4 to 5 hours sleep a day so I’ve spent lots of time in the yard with the dogs and spent a couple of afternoons, including today, cutting the grass. It was really nice to don shorts and work boots, nix the shirt and enjoy the feeling of the sun beating on my back and shoulders as I worked away. Most days saw a nice breeze and low humidity. Beautiful!! I’m a month or 6 weeks past due for a haircut so the sun has bleached out almost to blond the longer stuff. Maybe I’ll get trimmed up before the wedding; maybe not.


Here’s an old love song called ‘All We Are’ for anyone feeling the vibe. It’s by a local rocker named Kim Mitchell who has had a long career but who has become an on-air personality on a Toronto classic rock station. He still does the summer concert fest circuit and has a devoted following.


Food for Eyes and Ears

August 19, 2009

During a very rushed visit to the library on the way to work tonight I picked up more books and music; to whit:

I renewed ‘The Autobiographer’s Handbook’ – edited by Jennifer Traig; a Holt paperback.

For reference I snagged the 2007 edition (17th) of  ‘The Canadian Writer’s Market’, basically to see what’s out there. Published by McClelland & Stewart.

For sheer enjoyment Hunter S Thompson’s novel ‘The Rum Diary’. A Simon and Schuster publication. Highly recommended by Martin at


In the music section I found myself in front of a section containing all Canadian folk artists and bands so….

— Buffy Sainte-Marie’s 1996 compilation ‘Up Where We Belong’

— Soundtrack to the film ‘Leonard Cohen: I’m Your Man’. Songs performed by various artists including Rufus and Martha Wainwright, Nick Cave, U2. (2006)

— k.d. lang’s 2008 release ‘Watershed’.

— Jeremy Fisher’s 2008 CD ‘Back Porch Spiritual’.

— ‘The Duhks’ 2008 ‘Fast Paced World’.

— Nanci Griffith’s 2005 ‘Hearts In Mind’.

I’m familiar with all these artists except Fisher but am looking forward to checking out all these releases.


Read. Buy a newspaper. Get informed. Buy a book. Support your local library. Spread literacy.