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Seasonal Change

June 8, 2012

… or sea change. Whatever, I’m feeling quite a lot better. Meds seem to have made the difference; I’m more active, have more energy, better outlook, etc.

I still have things on my plate that stress me but I don’t feel overwhelmed. I don’t think the situations are going to work out to my liking but I have the tools to work around that stuff.

Check out this little girls enthusiasm – what started as a home video became a tv commercial.

If I ever get feeling that way about life I’ll let you know….. but she did make me laugh.


Looking Up

May 6, 2012

Long time no see and all that. Truth is I think I’m becoming a Facebook addict. Way too much time checking in there.

But anyway I thought I’d check in and provide a quicky update as to changes to frame of mind and such. Due to a combination of a variety of factors I seem to have improved – somewhat to quite alot; depending on the day. Contributing factors include but aren’t limited to: compliance with taking meds as directed; increased physical activity (almost none to regular, light exercise); seasonal changes; slightly increased opportunities for socializing; proactive mental attitude and self monitoring; regular check-ins with my MD.

One other major factor was that job competition – it gave me something to invest time in, in a positive way. The focus and prep and anticipation was key for a while there. And I handled the outcome – placing second – pretty well. Had a few crumby hours there but that’s to be expected. Gotta say it’s difficult suiting up and going back to my regular job most days since. 😦 But it pays some bills……

Lynda continues to go through periodic rough stretches in terms of dealing with Craig’s death. The second anniversary is coming up in another 7 weeks or so. It’s bloody torture for me in that I can’t assauge that grief or ‘make things better’ and go away like some bad nightmare. It also seems that she is reluctant to be proactive in dealing with her grief as it’s another way in which she feels she would be saying a final goodbye to him. She WANTS to hold on to him so she won’t consider counselling (group or one-on-one); or talk with other parents who have lost children via accidents or health conditions. Anyway, we have that coming down the pipe and I hope we can just quietly observe it this year without all his friends showing up and making a drunken circus out of it.



A Shadow of My Former Self

October 14, 2009
shadowy man on a shadowy planet

shadowy man on a shadowy planet

Aacchhoooo! To say I’m feeling kind of lousy would be an understatement. I shoulda listened when blog-friend Amuirin chastized me the other day HERE. This flu / cold started off very mild but appears to be picking up steam with each passing day and night. Maybe today was the nadir when I spent the afternoon sweating my butt off as I did some housework before cleaning up to come to work. There were a couple of times when I stood up too quickly from being bent over and everything went swimmingly greasy; vision-wise. Wooo…. hold ‘er Newt!! Hadn’t had a head-rush like that for 6+ years; y’all know what I mean. Unfortunately I don’t have the option of not working so here I am. C’est la vie; poor, poor me. Bring on the tea and sympathy. Looking forward to home and bed come morning.


On my way to work tonight I visited my friend Terry in hospital. (I was gloved, gowned and masked; sanitized.) His prognosis isn’t good but he seems to be responding to his radiation treatment. His cancer has moved into his bones and he has a mass in the discs at the base of his neck. Apparently the tumour was applying pressure to his spinal column and that is why his larynx was affected causing him to sound like he had laryngitis – the signals from his brain were getting scrambled on the way to his voice box. Back on Saturday night one of my fellow group members brought Terry from hospital to the A.A. meeting we were attending. It was a 10 year medallion presentation and Terry had been asked to take part. I was shocked when he was wheeled in at the last minute and then hauled himself up to the podium to do a reading. He took the opportunity to essentially say good-bye to the many there who knew him. He tore a few hearts out in doing so but he got to say his piece. Tonight he was looking better; better pallor; more energy; lucid. I’m glad I went despite the fact I was sick. No one seems to know how this is going to pan out or how much time he might have left. This series of radiation treatments wraps up this week and there will be a 2 week lag before they can determine what beneficial effect the treatment wrought. God love him; I do.