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Quick Bitch Session

October 17, 2011

Emotion & Commotion

Jeff Beck kicked off his latest North American tour the other night in Halifax, N.S. to rave reviews. He plays tomorrow night at Massey Hall in Toronto. I’m trying to reconcile myself to the fact I won’t be there; without a whole lot of success.

The Emotion is Desire; the Commotion is Frustration.

I’m really off my game not spending much time at the computer for so long else I’d have been on top of this and not finding out last minute. As chance would have it I had the opportunity to re-listen to the above pictured album (hadn’t for a while) back on Friday night and once again it knocked me flat with its virtuosity. What a piece of work!!

And, you know, kudos to Jeff cuz he’ has really worked hard these last few years – recording a couple of fine CDs and DVDs, touring extensively and organizing a couple of big tribute shows. Any time you see him he’s up and energetic and having fun. No spring chicken at 67.

This is a video from his Les Paul tribute concert – ‘How High The Moon’, with Imelda May on vocals.


Jeff Beck

December 17, 2010

Okay… I admit it. Where it comes to Jeff Beck’s music I’m a total FAN; absolutely ga-ga about how and where his technique and talent continue to take him. I don’t know how I missed its release back in April but for the last couple of weeks I’ve been listening (sometimes 3 or 4 times a day) to Emotion and Commotion – either in the car on CD or on my mp3 player at work. Yesterday I finally remembered to bring the CD into the house so I could play it on the Bose surround system. Eish! What a difference for picking up on missed timbre and nuance.

To my mind this is the magnificent culmination of Jeff’s quest for aural nirvana. It finds him at him most sensitive, collaborative and gifted point in his long career. At 66 years old he has come up with an absolute gem.

I’m heading into another weekend of 3 12 hour shifts so I’ve just loaded up my mp3 player with most of Jeff’s most recent output and I plan on enjoying a JB marathon tonight. To whit: ‘Official Bootleg USA 2006’; ‘JB Live at BB King 2003’ (both web order only); ‘Jeff’ (2003){studio}; ‘You Had It Coming’ 2001{studio}. I think that should hold me.

On Emotion and Commotion Jeff mixes it up with some self-written material as well as collaborations with long time keyboardist Jason Rebello and some covers. Three female singers appear on 4 tracks including Joss Stone on Screamin’ Jay Hawkin’s ‘I Put a Spell on You’.

Note for note this is the best set of music you can lay out money for this year. Oh btw, the Grammy folks seem to agree; it’s up for 5 awards.