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July 26, 2009

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Doppelgänger: In the vernacular, “Doppelgänger” has come to refer  to any double or look-alike of a person.

Earlier tonight one of our clients calls me aside and says, ‘ I finally figured out who you remind me of; it’s Peter Fonda.’

‘Hmmm…???’, I’m thinking. Okay, is this a set-up?? Where is the zinger coming from?

Yeah?, I say.’ The more current one of ‘Ulee’s Gold? (1997) Or the old one from ‘Easy Rider’? (1969)

Peter Fonda - 1997

Peter Fonda - 1969

‘Oh – definitely Easy Rider’, he says.

‘Good answer’, sez I.

(Buddy should really get his eyes checked.)


Mistaken Identity:

A few weeks ago I had just arrived at work wearing a dark crewneck shirt that had a cream-coloured band around the neck, a collarless black shirt over it and a grey jacket. From 15 feet away the mother of one of our guests looked my way and said to her son, ‘My, I didn’t know they had clergy on staff here, as well.’

in my father's house

in my father's house

I laughed nervously as I waited for the bolt of lightning to smite me straight to hell. From on high my father is laughing his butt off. ‘Say WHAT???’


Self Image; Self Esteem; and the Face we present to the world

Recently someone (who shall remain nameless) commented on a shot I had posted here of myself and called me ‘handsome’. My reaction to the compliment was same as always – HUH!?!? – I never know what to do with them when they come my way. I suppose it’s because I don’t think much of my looks and like most folks I ‘get up, suit up, present the best face I can, and show up’. Like Popeye always said, ‘I y’am what I am and that’s all that’s I y’am.’ Gotta work with what God gives ya.

I think I could get a consensus to this proposition – 10% of the population would get classed as attractive, beautiful, handsome; at the other end, 10% would be lumped in as unattractive, ugly, hard on the eyes; the rest of us – the other 80% fall somewhere in the big middle ground.

A post I was reading last night included a section where the gal used to play a game with herself – ‘if I could change one thing about myself it would be…..’. Well, as I’m starting to show the signs of my advancing age that one thing would be my eyelids. I’m getting this hooded look to my eyes that I don’t like but in the big scheme of things…. so what?? I’m not going under the knife anytime soon, that’s for sure.

Far more importamt to me these days than the external is anyone’s internal composition – heart, mind and soul sorts of stuff. By the time I sought help for my problems with addiction I was a hurting unit bled practically dry of identity and self-esteem. This process of recovery I’ve engaged in for the last 6 years has been very much one of  re-building; putting things back together when you don’t have all the original pieces. At first it was all about substance, the absence of it and finding ways to a new state of ‘normalcy’. Then it got to be about re-attaching to roles – son, husband, father, friend, employee. Finally it came about to integrating values, ethics, qualities of character, moral beliefs and living a life that included spirituality. From that eventual internal foundation I’ve been able to move more to outside concerns where I’ve been allowed to be of use to others – family, friends, clients and strangers. It’s being open to ongoing change, adopting an attitude of willingness and engaging in action toward improvement. Progress not perfection….. hand steady on the tiller.


When is the last time someone confused you for somebody else or told you that you strongly resemble someone??

Has anyone ever thought you actually were someone you aren’t??

How do you deal with compliments?? How do you feel when complimented??

Do you feel good about how you look?? Satisfied?? or, are there things about your appearance you would change, given the chance?

How do you feel about your internal condition?? Mental, emotional, spiritual??

If other people could see / hear the nature of how you think would they be terribly surprised??

Have some fun and comment.


Answer This Call

July 12, 2009


What Really Happened to Meg Morris and IT Solutions/WYSIWYG?

When I was originally introduced to the blogging world there were a few folks I came to ‘know’ right off the bat. A couple are still friends today: Robin at ‘Life in the Bogs’ & and Kel at ‘xfacta’, both of whom you’ll find in the sidebar. But I think perhaps the first blog I ever commented on was a smoking cessation site run through the WEA Trust in Madison, WI. As part of her job Susan Morris was responsible for posting to the blog and providing resources and motivation to people seeking to quit smoking. First through comments and responses and then via email Susan and I became on-line friends. Sometimes our messages would be quite frequent and then occasionally we’d have fairly lengthy lapses. All in all, looking back there is quite a volume of correspondence that started in late 2005 / early ’06.

In April of 2007 imagine my shock and horror when Susan informed me that her sister Meg had been found dead at her home in Florida as the result of an apparent suicide; and that she would be out of town for some time attending to the funeral arrangements and estate. And again just weeks later, hard on the hells of her sister’s death, Susan’s father died as well. My heart cried for her. In attempting to properly address the issues surrounding their deaths and estates Susan eventually left both her job, and as a result, her work blog. (My question to her ever since has been, ‘When will you start a personal blog? You’re a writer – so write!’)

Right from the get-go Susan had her suspicions that Meg’s suicide really wasn’t a suicide at all. The more digging she did and the more input she got from the people who knew Meg best made more bells and whistles go off. And those suspicions grew and grew. Recently Susan started a new blog devoted to getting answers to all those big unanswered questions. If this was your sibling would you not do the same?? I hope you will take the time to check it out. Then should you feel moved to do so perhaps you could keep the chain going by adding a link on your site in order to expand the exposure. The best result would be that the local police force or coroner decides to re-open the case and do a proper investigation. There appears to be evidence here of fraud, larceny, coersion, intimidation and murder.

Here is the link which will also appear on the right sidebar: under the category heading ‘Appeal’.

Today – July 10 – is Susan’s birthday so I will hold this as a draft in respect of that. Please feel free to comment, to copy this post as an intro to a link or link directly to Susan’s blog…… and may God bless both Meg and Susan.


A video clip from Craig Ferguson

May 11, 2009

Ferguson talks about troubled celebrities and substance abuse. Check it out.