Watch Out For That Curve

June 14, 2010

the straight and the curved

Funny – now that I have lots to talk about I have no time to share. I’m busy and relatively happy having worked the last 8 days in a row… had yesterday off but back at a new place tonight.

I’m becoming the crossword king once again. (I gave them up in early recovery) Reading some wonderful books of memoir – Caroline Knapp’s ‘Alcohol: A Love Story’ and Mary Karr’s ‘Liar’s Club’. Now I’ve just started Eric Clapton’s autobiography.

Had an appointment with my old employer today and have to decide on whether to take a severence package or extend my lay-off. Little rancor… all very business-like. I’m tending toward pocketing the loot and closing the door on any further dealing with them.

So endeth my quicky check-in. I’m okay – hope you are too. Bye.


  1. woohooo to the work
    must be a good feeling being gainfully employed again

    re your old employer, what does an extended layoff mean – does it entitle you to a larger payout later?

    think I’d be tempted to do the deal now – why let them earn interest on your money . . .

  2. I’m with Kel. I’d be tempted to do it now and be done with it.

    Great curves, Norm. 🙂

  3. Yes Kel – it does feel good to be useful and earning my way in the world again.

    Still weighing my options re the old workplace. Feeling very torn as I loved working with the new people in recovery but really DON’T like the management scenario or the way we’ve been treated.

  4. Thanks Robin. What surprised me was Lynda telling me to consider this carefully as she isn’t fond of the former employer, at all, at all. She just wants me doing what I enjoy. Go figure, huh?

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