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One Shiny Thing

February 19, 2010

how many carats???

That’s all I got going right now…. one good thing. And it all has to do with that ‘truly unmerited gift’ I mentioned previously. (Which I am enjoying tremendously)

Everything else is the SAME….. bless me or dammit; I don’t know which.

I’ll be back when I have something worth sharing. Ciao.


A Truly Unmerited Gift

February 11, 2010

….. and certainly a welcome, surprising one. Without divulging a great many details let me just say a certain long-time online friend singled me out for a wonderful gift; one which I am unlikely to be able to repay anytime soon. It will require some time, thought, effort, commitment and energy on my part in order to fully benefit from this gift. Without even having started to participate in it it has already begun to affect me – it’s really a ‘feel good’ place to be right now; connected, excited, anticipating the process, learning and growing… some creative stretching. Aaahhh!

What did I ever do to deserve such grace??


Spot the dog


I haven’t been around here much so you might be wondering what exactly I’ve been up to. Well, hours and hours spent at the computer drumming up new sites to search for work and covering off all my usual ones for updates. Normally 2 hours each morning and afternoon. Lots of running around town on errands – yesterday I ran into a few A.A. guys I know and spent a half hour visiting with them before carrying on with my day. I’ve been hitting some meeting places that I don’t normally go to or have never been to before.

I wrote awhile ago about the impacts of ongoing stress on health and associated perceptions regarding health. Turns out some of my imaginings weren’t phantom symptoms after all – I finally went to the Dr to get checked out and I have a pending referral for a specialist and some tests. AHA!! It wasn’t all in my mind like I thought.


At the local Goodwill shop I picked up a book that looked promising as it won the Giller Prize – Elizabeth Hay’s ‘Late Nights On Air’. I’m about 80 pages into it and thoroughly enjoying it.

Yesterday as I worked around the house I kept the music system cranking out a variety of music. I started out with Glenn Gould’s 1955 recording of J.S.Bach’s ‘Goldberg Variations’. I’m not really a big classical music fan but I feel like a dose of it every once in awhile. This is supposed to be the definitive recording of this peice.

From there I went to one I borrowed from the library – a compilation album from Allison Moorer’s career in country music. (AKA – Mrs. Steve Earle… now) A beautiful, talented singer / songwriter – good stuff.

Then it was on to George Harrison’s posthumous release ‘Brainwashed’. I love how the spirit of the man comes through in his recordings; especially on ‘Rising Sun’ and ‘Marwa Blues’.

From the soundtrack of ‘Cold Mountain’ I enjoyed a rich dose of bluegrass / early American music / and blues. If I had to pick a favorite it would be Alison Krauss’ haunting rendition of ‘The Scarlet Tide’; written by Elvis Costello and T-Bone Burnett.

… on and on it went…. the ‘Unplugged Collection’, some Jeff Beck, yadda, yadda…

Which reminds me…. Beck and Clapton are playing here in a couple of weeks and I will miss them due to financial constraints. Aaarrrggghhhh!!!! What a show to see; such a show to MISS!!   for your aural enjoyment.

Anyway, must go and DO. Peace out.


Friday Noodling

February 5, 2010

line + colour


holding up the leaden sky

photo credit – Lynda. Taken while on an Xmas sleigh ride through the woods.


Sharin’ the Love

February 3, 2010

another gratuitous shot of me but a better one of Audrey.

Cindy's shot of Audrey and I

I can’t say enough good things about her; I’m so glad I met her and got to know her these past 5 years or so. Just last year she was an invited panelist at a multifaith conference in India. (I wish I had an audio file of her address.) She was kind enough to advise me during Lynda’s and my separation a couple of years ago and prayed for us on a regular basis. Audrey still is active in sponsoring women who are new to the fellowship of A.A.; is always in attendance at her home group meetings; actively participates in their business meetings; and is out in support of other groups 4 or 5 nights a week. I have yet to see Audrey dressed in slacks; she is always ‘properly’ attired in a dress or blouse and skirt; dress shoes and jewellery. Wise and articulate; patient and loving; warm, friendly and a ton of fun. She has a wicked sense of humour. Everyone should have at least one friend like her.