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January 25, 2012

Yo-yo, rollercoaster….. that is what this winter has been like so far. Lots of fast moving fronts coming from all directions.

Frosty View

This shot was from after one of just a very few really cold nights. Any time we’ve had a snowstorm it has stayed on the ground for a couple of days because it’s been followed by days of rain. This, to my mind, is what a Vancouver winter would be like. Nice, but I’m not used to it being so mild and wet.

I haven’t been around here much because there really isn’t much new. I was sick for those first couple of weeks of the year and have been taking it relatively easy on myself – not pushing to ‘get things done!’. A few outings with Mom, a visit from Owen and his Mom, a dinner out with a few of Lynda’s siblings…. that’s about it.

Imprint Oak

The weather hasn’t been that condusive to picture taking either so I don’t have much of anything to share thataway. I will be back though – sooner than later, I hope.


Dimming of the Day

January 6, 2012

I’m in the car the other day listening to Alison Krauss & Union Station’s latest CD ‘Paper Airplane’ when a track comes on and have a little ‘aha’ moment. ‘I know this song!’, but remember it being sung by a man. Beautiful lyric; lovely sentiment and Alison is singing it really well. Here’s their version:

But I’m continuing to ruminate on who I’ve heard perform it before… rummaging through my memory of male artists who might have done it. Finally I make the connection… it’s from David Gilmour’s “In Concert” DVD; the project before his ‘On An Island’ release. He does a really nice job of it too.

Then I get into a search for it and find it was written by Richard and Linda Thompson and has been covered also by Emmylou Harris and Bonnie Raitt. Here’s Bonnie performing it with Richard:

Sometimes I have to follow these earworms that get stuck in my head. Had enough yet?

What’s new? A whole lotta nothin’. Laying low and trying to rest away a head cold that has been causing me an awful lot of painĀ  – head, ear, jaw, throat. Nothing major but a damned inconvenience. Gimme a week and I’ll be good as new.