See my comment below. Thanks, N.

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  1. Nov, 2011 – I haven’t updated this in an awfully long time so some of what is written below is no longer true in my present life. For one thing my work in addictions ended almost exactly 2 years ago now when the facility was forced to close temporarily. The renovations faced many stumbling blocks and they finally re-opened this September. I had taken a severance from them and wasn’t invited to rejoin the staff. C’est la vie.
    So, I’m a little older, still relatively sane, sober and enjoying photography, music and family life. While I don’t particularily like the line of work I’m in I show up every day and do the best job i can of it. It pays a few bills, is all. Still looking…
    I post here when I can or when something moves me. I like it here and the little on-line community I’ve come to enjoy and appreciate over the last 5 years. Cheers – keep coming back!

    Oct, 2008 – Hey, Norm here! I just did a profile page and I’ll include much the same info here…. here goes.

    I’m a 54 y.o. married male who lives in Southern Ontario, Canada – east of Toronto. My wife’s name is Lynda and she’ll likely be mentioned here on a regular basis. I have two kids who are in their mid-20’s and they both live in Western Canada – they each have a child of their own. There are also 3 adult stepsons in my life, one of whom has a 5 y.o. son.

    My work is in addiction treatment; I work in a support counselling, crisis and relief role – typically nights. The facility’s treatment modality is ’12 Step’ based but is augmented with other associated addiction materials. I’m in recovery myself so there will occassionally be recovery related posts either in reference to myself, other ‘program’ people I’m familiar with, or current or past clients.

    My primary interests are art, music, photography, reading and writing – all strictly from an amateur’s appreciative viewpoint. I’ve been blogging for about 2 1/2 years and enjoy the relationships that have grown from getting to know other bloggers.

    Your comments are always welcome. If you wish to contact me directly you can email me at heyimtheluckyone@hotmail.com.

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