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Nascent; a celebration of new life

August 26, 2011

def: coming or having recently come into existence; a new consciousness.

Caitlyn Isabel

3:38 P.M. local time, Calgary, AB

I was at work when my daughter texted me that her sister-in-law had just been delivered of her daughter, Caitlyn. High-fives all round with co-workers; I had been on pins and needles waiting for the news. Other than her ‘C’ section being delayed by a couple of emergency deliveries there were no problems. By the time I arrived home a few hours later and called out west to speak with my son, mom had already been up for a short walk around the hospital room. Lord, the resilience of women! Mom and baby are doing fine. Everyone is healthy, happy and relaxed.

pretty in pick2

Now I’m itching to hop a plane and get introduced. Maybe in a few weeks…… let them get home and into a routine first.

That’s all the news I have…. but happy, happy, happy news it is! We are all blessed. 




More Good News

April 19, 2011

I was at work last Friday night when I received a text message from my sister Linda. She and her fiance had been on holiday in Florida all that week and come home this weekend. The text was brief: “We’re MARRIED!”

The buggers went and eloped…… and we’re all very happy for them. She and Mike make a great couple and they’re really devoted to one another.

So, there was a flurry of phone calls and texts between them, Mom, Lynda and I and we’re to have a meal and drinks when they return. Good stuff!

Shine On



October 26, 2010

from The New York Times: a story of a father inspired (by his son’s questions) to send a video camera attached to a weather balloon into space.

from Elvis Costello’s “Spectacle” – Neko Case performing Harry Nilsson’s “Don’t Forget Me”. I love the full, rollicking quality of her voice…. and I think she’s really pretty, too.

I just edited my previous post correcting a couple of errors. Since then (last post) I’ve finished reading Neil Peart’s “Ghost Rider”. While good I didn’t enjoy it as much as his follow-up “Travelling Music”. Michael J Fox’s “Always Looking Up” was a really engaging read and inspirational as well. The last couple of nights I’ve been enjoying a short story collect by Joyce Carol Oates entitled “I am no one you know”. Such a ‘voice’ this woman has. I had been seeing repeated references to her and I’m glad for the introduction to her work. Wonderful.

I had a meeting last Friday with the big cheeses up at ‘the house’ – the treatment centre – where I was offered another severance package. Lord, it has been a year since the layoff… which explains the meeting. They’re required to offer another package at a year. Nice thing is that the offer is more than double the original so I’m considering it. They want an answer by Friday. They say that construction has been delayed by the approvals necessary from various government agencies and have yet to tender the job. Completion sometime in the spring…. b*llsh*t!!

Purposely hadn’t mentioned Lynda of late but thought I’d say she’s coming around somewhat and has returned to work. Still a mixture of good and bad days but the general trend is upward. The only good to have come out of this tragedy is that we’re closer and more in love than ever. She’s my gal.

I’ve been in touch with the woman who hypnotized me a few years ago for smoking cessation which resulted me being free of the damned things for about 7 months. While I’m ready to have another stab at it she has some upsetting stuff happening in her family and isn’t taking appointments for another few weeks. Soon….

Copy of Roma’s FB post regarding Mary Carr’s “Lit”, to whit:

Roma Arellano

Roma XXXXXXX – I tore through Mary Karr’s third memoir Lit so fast that now I’m going to re-read it.

    • Janine  I loved Lit. Hadn’t read Mary Karr before that (no idea how I missed her) but then got to read Liar’s Club and Cherry, very satisfying.

      October 16 at 1:09am ·
    • Barbara  Lit soars! Like Janine, don’t know how I missed the other two. Happy to have them to look forward to— so hard to chisel out actual reading time these days. 😦

      October 16 at 7:57am ·

      Norm  Just finished it myself and thought the lot of them wonderful. Liar’s Club A+, Cherry a B, and Lit A+. Sweeping use of language.

      October 16 at 10:21am ·
    • Laurie  Agree with Norm except maybe skip the + on Lit. Got Lit for Christmas last year and like Roma consumed it in one sitting — but Liar’s Club is a mighty tough act to follow.

      October 16 at 10:57am ·

      Norm  ‎@ Laurie – The + was because she succeeded in making me cry in Lit. A very rare accomplishment in my reading experience.

      October 16 at 11:58am ·
    • Roma – Norm, I’ve been tearing up in airport terminals all over the place. 🙂 Laurie, I can imagine a similar set of grandparents–your parents are firecrackers, too. And that touch of twang in your voice… 🙂

Mr BigHead


Oh yeah; afterthought….. A few weeks ago I saw an ad for this concert and impulsively bought tickets for it (tho we really can’t afford it). Hadn’t been to a concert since Dylan was in town a couple of years ago so “What the hey”, eh? Great line-up of artists presenting some of my all-time fave music.  I’ll let you know how it goes. 


Revisiting Calgary and the Wedding

September 25, 2010

Zeph - Lemme eat cake!!

Escorted by Dad


Maids in a Row

Best of the Men

Tiny Dancers

Russ, Sarah and I

Sarah, Zeph, me, Vicki

First chance I’ve had to return to the wedding weekend. Seems all I’ve done since is work, sleep, cut grass, and run Lynda around town. When I’m not working or sleeping Lynda and I are pretty much joined at the hip (which is a good thing).

The weekend in Calgery was great. Typical Calgary weather tho – if you don’t like it; just wait 15 minutes cuz it’s sure to be different. Coming from consistently 30C+ weather and getting into the low teens was a shock to the system. As I said previously Vicki and I spent quite a bit of time together and it was great having a chance to catch up. She’s in town next month and is invited for dinner and drinks with Lynda and I.

Kel asked about the cake….. which, such things, I have no clue about. It was a beauty! Light golden cake with a layer of some fruity stuff between layers and a very sweet dense icing. Tasty!! That’s all I got, kiddo.

Night before the wedding I joined Russ and his friends (8 of us) for an evening at a local billiard hall. Russ and I teamed up and ruled the table taking on all comers. He and I played off at the end and he got me on the black ball – a very even game. His friends apparently hadn’t mis-spent their youth chasing the game.

Zeph is a very, very active 3 year old boy who misbehaves as if on cue. Good when left to his own devices but don’t ask him to be quiet during the ceremony or pose for a picture. Madison is a wonder…. Lynda and I couldn’t believe what a good natured child she was duing last years visit around her first birthday. Same nature now except she has words; still sweetness and light and cuddles….( and no bias here, ha, ha, but a wee beauty, too.).

The flights there and back were smooth and on time; no problems. I had parked my car at Lynda’s eldest son’s place close by the airport and Jay jockeyed me back and forth. Saved about $150 on the outrageous parking fees there. On the return flight I landed about midnight, got home around 1:30 and was really happy Lynda waited up for me. Good to be home and in the arms of my honey catching up on all our news.

Next post: I’ve been reading a ton. A list and maybe some mini reviews when I get a chance.


Love and Marriage

September 14, 2010

Melissa & Russell

Oy!! Another rushed post….

Wonderful to have the opportunity to spend a few days with both my kids and their kids, attend the wedding and be part of the celebration. Good times, lots of good food, conversation and laughs. Vicki, my ex, and I spent a lot of time in one anothers company and not a cross word passed between us while we looked after the grandkids… and rightly so after all this time.

Lovely bride, handsome groom, wonderful ceremony. What else can you ask for??? (Frequent visits, thats what!!)

Mr and Mrs M


A Bit Of Good News

August 17, 2010

Finally, about a week ago I had a chance to get online to book my flight for my son’s wedding in Calgary on the Labour Day weekend. An event to look forward to at last. I’m going solo as Lynda isn’t up to being away from home for any length of time as yet. Otherwise it’ll be a little family reunion – the kids mom Vicki, our daughter Sarah from Vancouver along with Zeph, and the wedding couple Russ and Melissa, their daughter Madison, plus me!!

I’ve been offered a bed at either Russ’s or Vicki’s places so we’ll play it by ear, day-to-day. The flight out is early Thursday and I return late Sunday.

Kindergarten 1959-60

I had sent this photo to one of my old classmates – Virginia (standing, third from right) – a few years ago and since lost it. She was kind enough to hunt it down and return the favour. Bonus points if you can pick me out of the group.


The Happy Couple

September 14, 2009
Regina & Glen

Regina & Glen

I’ve said a bit in previous posts and comments about the wedding and so, won’t blather on a lot but thought I’d share a shot of the two of them in the minutes following their exchange of vows. I’m glad we went; glad they had such a beautiful day to celebrate the nuptials; happy that they enjoyed themselves.

gift of time

gift of time

I wish them a long and happy life together.


Woot! Woot!

September 4, 2009

Let the celebrations begin!! I’m working a shortened week; just 5 nights instead of 7.  50-odd hours instead of 70+… so Lynda and I can attend a friend’s kid’s wedding on Saturday. One of those rare opportunities to get out as a couple and enjoy the nuptials, dinner and some dancing. Oo, Oo; leading into the long Labour Day weekend, too. Gotta like it!!


Any other glass nuts out there?? I just came across this website by a glass sculptor who does realistic representations of germs, viruses and microbes. Beautifully intricate – go see!! I picked up the link from ‘For the Sake of Science’ – the latest addition to my blogroll. I’ll be digging back through his archives for a better look-see later on. For now, welcome Michael.






f . . . a . . . s . . . t . . .

f . . . a . . . s . . . t . . .

A couple of my nicknames around home are ‘Flash’ and ‘Speedy’ because I’m really not either. I’m sort of a laid back, laconic type – slow moving, I take my time thinking things through, thoughts idle their way to my tongue. But these pictures are evidence of what happens to me when I’ve had way too much coffee. I was just a blur heading through the kitchen on this afternoon.


Weather-wise this has been the best week of the entire summer once we had those couple of cooler days out of the way. We’re enjoying a long lasting high pressure system with nary a cloud in the sky all week – night or day. Beautiful for night sky-watching. There won’t be a ‘Skywatch Friday’ post this time because all you’d see is big blue skies. I’ve gotten along on 4 to 5 hours sleep a day so I’ve spent lots of time in the yard with the dogs and spent a couple of afternoons, including today, cutting the grass. It was really nice to don shorts and work boots, nix the shirt and enjoy the feeling of the sun beating on my back and shoulders as I worked away. Most days saw a nice breeze and low humidity. Beautiful!! I’m a month or 6 weeks past due for a haircut so the sun has bleached out almost to blond the longer stuff. Maybe I’ll get trimmed up before the wedding; maybe not.


Here’s an old love song called ‘All We Are’ for anyone feeling the vibe. It’s by a local rocker named Kim Mitchell who has had a long career but who has become an on-air personality on a Toronto classic rock station. He still does the summer concert fest circuit and has a devoted following.


Zeph Turns Two

August 5, 2009
a mighty breeze

a mighty breeze

G’son Zeph pictured at a family party for his 2nd birthday. A good time was had by all. Happy Birthday Zeph!!


Madison Turns 1!

August 4, 2009
Madison & Granny Vicki

Madison & Granny Vicki

Madison had her first birthday last week and a party on the weekend. Here she is being held by her grandmother Vicki, my first wife. Vicki used to have a headful of naturally curly brilliant red hair – one of the many things which first attracted me to her.

Today, Tuesday, is our grandson Zeph’s second birthday. Pictures, no doubt, to follow. His party is Saturday.