October 26, 2010

from The New York Times: a story of a father inspired (by his son’s questions) to send a video camera attached to a weather balloon into space.


from Elvis Costello’s “Spectacle” – Neko Case performing Harry Nilsson’s “Don’t Forget Me”. I love the full, rollicking quality of her voice…. and I think she’s really pretty, too.


I just edited my previous post correcting a couple of errors. Since then (last post) I’ve finished reading Neil Peart’s “Ghost Rider”. While good I didn’t enjoy it as much as his follow-up “Travelling Music”. Michael J Fox’s “Always Looking Up” was a really engaging read and inspirational as well. The last couple of nights I’ve been enjoying a short story collect by Joyce Carol Oates entitled “I am no one you know”. Such a ‘voice’ this woman has. I had been seeing repeated references to her and I’m glad for the introduction to her work. Wonderful.

I had a meeting last Friday with the big cheeses up at ‘the house’ – the treatment centre – where I was offered another severance package. Lord, it has been a year since the layoff… which explains the meeting. They’re required to offer another package at a year. Nice thing is that the offer is more than double the original so I’m considering it. They want an answer by Friday. They say that construction has been delayed by the approvals necessary from various government agencies and have yet to tender the job. Completion sometime in the spring…. b*llsh*t!!

Purposely hadn’t mentioned Lynda of late but thought I’d say she’s coming around somewhat and has returned to work. Still a mixture of good and bad days but the general trend is upward. The only good to have come out of this tragedy is that we’re closer and more in love than ever. She’s my gal.

I’ve been in touch with the woman who hypnotized me a few years ago for smoking cessation which resulted me being free of the damned things for about 7 months. While I’m ready to have another stab at it she has some upsetting stuff happening in her family and isn’t taking appointments for another few weeks. Soon….

Copy of Roma’s FB post regarding Mary Carr’s “Lit”, to whit:

Roma Arellano

Roma XXXXXXX – I tore through Mary Karr’s third memoir Lit so fast that now I’m going to re-read it.

    • Janine  I loved Lit. Hadn’t read Mary Karr before that (no idea how I missed her) but then got to read Liar’s Club and Cherry, very satisfying.

      October 16 at 1:09am ·
    • Barbara  Lit soars! Like Janine, don’t know how I missed the other two. Happy to have them to look forward to— so hard to chisel out actual reading time these days. 😦

      October 16 at 7:57am ·

      Norm  Just finished it myself and thought the lot of them wonderful. Liar’s Club A+, Cherry a B, and Lit A+. Sweeping use of language.

      October 16 at 10:21am ·
    • Laurie  Agree with Norm except maybe skip the + on Lit. Got Lit for Christmas last year and like Roma consumed it in one sitting — but Liar’s Club is a mighty tough act to follow.

      October 16 at 10:57am ·

      Norm  ‎@ Laurie – The + was because she succeeded in making me cry in Lit. A very rare accomplishment in my reading experience.

      October 16 at 11:58am ·
    • Roma – Norm, I’ve been tearing up in airport terminals all over the place. 🙂 Laurie, I can imagine a similar set of grandparents–your parents are firecrackers, too. And that touch of twang in your voice… 🙂

Mr BigHead


Oh yeah; afterthought….. A few weeks ago I saw an ad for this concert and impulsively bought tickets for it (tho we really can’t afford it). Hadn’t been to a concert since Dylan was in town a couple of years ago so “What the hey”, eh? Great line-up of artists presenting some of my all-time fave music. http://www.experiencehendrixtour.com/schedule.php.  I’ll let you know how it goes. 


  1. Thank you, Norm. I enjoyed Space Balloon and Neko Case (who I’ve never heard of before but now want to find out more about).

    The Space Balloon reminds me (just a little) of the GeoBear project my youngest son and I did when he was in the 3rd grade. The bear, who traveled around the world, ended up almost in space with an Air Force pilot. The pictures were amazing. We could see the curvature of the earth (just beyond the posing teddy bear).

    Glad to hear Lynda is doing better. I can’t begin to imagine what the two of you have been going through. Hugs to you both.

  2. i hope the package they’re offering is able to ease one part of the challenging year you’ve just had

    as the space balloon (and bear) might say, onward and upward from here 🙂

  3. Hiya Robin – The GeoBear project sounds like the precursor of those things you hear about where people’s lawn ornaments are stolen and then they begin to receive photos of them in front of world landmarks. Those photos must have been quite a thrill for your son at that age. Someone else I found out about via Spectacle (same episode) is Ron Sexsmith – you might want to check him out too. A voice not unlike Roy Orbison though not as strong. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VsCy4AW_pwI I’m not sure Lynda would completely share my opinion but I see a lot of improvement.

  4. Hey Kel – Just in from work and heading for bed….. was talking to a couple of the counsellors from the centre through the night about the whole situation. Just banged off an email to the powers that be requesting some clarifying info. They want an answer tomorrow and I’m still heming and hawing. My head tells me to take the money and run; heart says to hang in and get back to working with guys in treatment despite all the b.s. Onward indeed!! Woo-Hoo!! Concert tonight!!

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