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June 21, 2010


Okay, so I got carried away when I said I’d be around here more frequently…. I lied, but with the best of intentions. Seems all I’ve done lately is work which, after all that time off, is a good thing. Trouble is I never know where I’ll wind up working, or when.

Lemme see – I’ve worked in a hospital, at a railroad siding, a retail store, had a few weeks at an office building which houses the project mgmt / engineering / design drafting facilities for a nuclear power plant (that was interesting), the last few nights at an EMS station. Mostly a mixture of afternoon shifts and nights with a day shift or two thrown at me to keep things spicy and off-balance. Am I coming or going? Who knows; not I for sure.

Mirrored Horizon

Lynda and I are mostly like ships passing in the night catching the occasional meal together or a couple of hours planted in front of the TV before one of us is off running again. Things have been busy. We had Milo back to the clinic in Toronto where he had his surgery for his final check-up and we’re told we’ve done an excellent job with him. There has been good bone growth around the plates and where the bone was cut. We can finally breathe a bit easier but have to introduce full activity levels incrementally.

Since I last wrote here I have finished Eric Clapton’s autobiography which managed to diminish my image of him…. a writer he ain’t. (but gutsy to have a stab at it and lay it all out there) I’ll continue to admire him for what it is he does best – write and play great music. Following that I read a really humourous book called “The Hypochondriac’s Guide To Life. And Death.” The author had me blowing pop out my nose with some of his lines. Shouldn’t drink and read at the same time, I guess – dangerous and messy.


Watch Out For That Curve

June 14, 2010

the straight and the curved

Funny – now that I have lots to talk about I have no time to share. I’m busy and relatively happy having worked the last 8 days in a row… had yesterday off but back at a new place tonight.

I’m becoming the crossword king once again. (I gave them up in early recovery) Reading some wonderful books of memoir – Caroline Knapp’s ‘Alcohol: A Love Story’ and Mary Karr’s ‘Liar’s Club’. Now I’ve just started Eric Clapton’s autobiography.

Had an appointment with my old employer today and have to decide on whether to take a severence package or extend my lay-off. Little rancor… all very business-like. I’m tending toward pocketing the loot and closing the door on any further dealing with them.

So endeth my quicky check-in. I’m okay – hope you are too. Bye.