Spring Has Sprung

March 20, 2012

the grass has riz, wonder where the boidies is….

We’ve had about 10 days already of temps in the teens setting numerous area records. Hit 20C a couple of times too. Yowzah! Lots of people have shed their wintery bundles of clothes and are in shorts, flip-flops and tee shirts. Bikes, motorcycles, rollerblades and skateboards seem to be the preferred modes of travel as folks get out and enjoy the sunshine.

Owen returned home on sunday when his dad picked him up… there were a couple of tears shed as he didn’t want to leave his gramma. ‘Look forward to the summer when we can do it all again, buddy.’ His father offered to drop him off when school is over and pick him up again on Labour Day. We’ll have to see about that.

Today is Lynda’s birthday. About a month ago she said she had been telling everyone that she is 58. Uh, no hon, you’re 57. REALLY? So, now go ahead and tell them you’re 58 – you won’t be lying…… and have a happy one.

I spenmt a good deal of time re-writing my CV there a couple of weeks ago. A link they sent me regarding the job posting tells me there were 204 applicants. I’m hoping most of them are recent grads with no work experience. I’ll post about it if I get and interview.

This is a quicky post using QuickPress for a change. As Arnold says: I’ll be back!


  1. It’s been warm here too. Crazy, mad, wild spring, with things blooming at the same time that usually bloom weeks apart. It’s cooling off today, though, and we have a freeze watch tomorrow night. I hope it isn’t too tough on the flowers and trees.

    Happy (belated) birthday to Lynda!

  2. Same here except we don’t have anything blooming yet. Lots chillier this morning and supposed to be worse the next couple of nights. Hope it doesn’t demo the flowers and trees…. be an awful shame. Prime conditions last night for viewing Jupiter, Venus and the moon. Twas beautiful and wish I had a camera equal to recording the view properly. Lynda’s chugging along…. just another day, she says, but thanks! 🙂

  3. I saw that moon and the planets last night, Norm. I was too lazy to try to take a photo although I’m sure my camera would not have picked up Jupiter and Venus, just the moon. It was so clear and crisp, the view was amazing.

  4. Yeah, I love it when we get crystal clear skies like that and again last night. Venus and the moon side by side – gorgeous! When I win the lottery (sigh) I’ll have a macro lens for super close-ups and a good telescopic one for nights like these. 🙂

  5. …. and in my gmail inbox – Canon’s spring line up is here… lol

  6. I can only dream about a camera that good. Maybe I should start playing the lottery.

  7. A little wishful thinking keeps me going some days…. not even looking for the mega jackpot. A couple of hundred thou would do me fine. 🙂

  8. 204 applicants!
    OMG….may they be looking for experienced wisdom

  9. Really, really hoping it’s lots of new grads without experience… but still there have to be quite few who do.

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