‘Spring Has Sprung,

April 13, 2011

the grass has riz,

I wonder where,

the birdies is?’

A little ditty my Dad used to recite each year. We don’t really have to wonder where the birdies are because we’re woken by all manner of birdsong each morning. About the only one I’m used to hearing and haven’t as yet is the Baltimore Oriole. I’ve seen robins, finches, grackles, sparrows, cranes, ducks, geese, buzzards, hawks, an eagle, a falcon (which almost nabbed a mourning dove from our yard; narrow miss) We’ve had a few warm spells that last a few hours before the north wind swoops back in and takes us back near zero. Saturday Lynda and I spent a good portion of the afternoon and early evening raking up the yards, spelling one another and soaking up the rays.


Here is something we had never seen before – taken a couple of Sundays ago. A small branch had broken off during the winter and once the sap began to run started to drip. It was still below freezing and the sap froze as it dripped. These icicles were as thin as parchment and, you know me, had to taste it to see how sweet it was. And it was, too.

A couple of months ago my work assignment changed from one of the local university buildings to a building on it’s associated college campus. having got to know some of the staff I approached one of the women in their career services department to critique my CV. (An ethical stretch to be sure but hey!, I’ve got boundary issues, don’t ya know?) Anyway she’s supposed to get back to me this week with her suggestions and it got me motivated to tackle the re-write once again. This work assignment is supposed to end in a couple of weeks and I haven’t any idea where I’ll be going. My supervisor is trying to hang onto me and has a spot in mind but the shift rotation is crazy awful…. can’t see it. I’ll take my chances and turn that one down.

Shadowy Man

The kitchen reno has turned into a marathon. Some special order porcellain back splash tile was picked and sent wrong resulting in another 2 week wait. It is supposed to be installed tomorrow and perhaps we’ll be able to sort the house out after that is done. Get the kitchen table back from the basement; arrange things to our liking, etc. Lynda’s youngest son has been here for the last couple of weeks and that is always a strain as he is quite a slob. She’s ready to pull her hair out. Thankfully he chose to go spend a night in his own bed last night so we all get a break from one another.

A Pennsylvania singer / songwriter by the name of Brett Detar had a post that I picked up on offering a free download of his first solo album. Here’s a link to a 30 second video containing a few of my photos that uses a segment of one of his songs. His material is hard to pigeon-hole; sorta folky / roots but with an edge. I like his vocals and overall instrumentation and production.


Time to clean up and face another day of work. Just checked the sobriety calculator and today is 2,825 days. Who’da thunk it? See you sooner than later I hope.


  1. maple-cicle’s sound tempting

    i don’t see a problem in ‘networking’ with colleagues 😉
    hope something that suits better comes up when this round is over

    great news that the kitchen reno is nearly completed
    looking forward to seeing some ‘after’ shots

    sorry to hear about the houseguest hassles, we’re about to enter that zone with the outlaws arriving for a week

    congrats on 2,825 days !

  2. Yeah, the ethical stretch was that I’m contracted to work there for another company. Kinda dicey. I’ll be very happy when the kitchen is done and I can show it off a bit. Can’t wait. So far today the contractor hasn’t shown tho. Rats! Have fun with the houseguests…. don’t imagine it’s their first time there though, is it? 🙂

  3. The Maple-cicle sounds almost tasty.

    Spring has sprung here too. I remember that little ditty, although I can’t remember where or from whom I heard it. Seems like it goes back a long way, though.

    2,825 is a good number to keep growing from. 🙂

  4. Yeah, I can’t recall where that ditty came from either. After I posted it it occured to me that I had mis-spelled what was supposed to be ‘boidies’. It was always said / sung in a heavily accented Louis Armstrong type voice. I’ll have to ask my mom or an aunt or uncle to see if I can track it down. …. or I could google it and ‘shazaam’

  5. From an email from Cuz BJ:
    That is funny about Spring has sprung etc – I say it every spring to anyone who will listen – wonder if that is where I got it from – nice to think so anyway – another good memory of your Pappy.

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