May 3, 2011

… a mixture of the good and bad rattling round my brain.

The Good: My daughter-in-law’s second ultrasound was conclusive; they’re having another girl. If they are very fortunate they’ll have a clone of their daughter Madison – one of the sweetest personalities on the planet.

The Bad: Early last week another of my cousins (and BJ’s) died. He had lived a solitary life for the last 25 or so years but had managed to manipulate and hurt his sibs and parents in so many ways it was sick. Strange not to feel much of anything but relief at someone’s passing but that’s the way it is. So long and hope your next life is healthier and fuller.

‘Big’ Picture Bad: Yesterday was Canada’s federal election and the outcome was definitely not to my liking. A majority Conservative government – very scary considering Prime Minister Harper’s modelling on George Bush’s policies and practices (which proved very unsuccessful). Corporate tax cuts; tough on crime; super-jails; militarization; cuts to social services to those who need that safety net most. The Liberal party fell flat and lost many seats. The Democrats had a surge and are now the official opposition (Yay!) and gained many seats. The Bloc in Quebec was disembowelled; leader resigned (Yay!); separatist bastards can go pee up a stump. The Green Party leader won the sole seat for that party in the House of Commons; good on Elizabeth May – a feisty broad whoops, I mean, lady.

More Good: The reason Lynda’s youngest son spent a few weeks here was because with his share of his inheritance he bought a chip truck… and had it here working on it and getting it in shape for the season. Yes Kel – along with french fries, burgers & sausages he is also serving poutine!!…and getting compliments on it, too. His first day in business was last Saturday and I hope and pray that it’s a continuing success for him.

The ‘So-So’: Weather!! Man, will it ever warm up and stop raining? We had 3X as much rain this April as last year – one storm system after another out of western Canada and the American midwest and gulf. I’d really like to ditch the long-john underwear but every time I try going without them I chill to the bone.

More Good: During this last week I’ve been getting reaquainted with a female friend from many years ago – when we were in our early and mid twenties. She was a server at a bar I was a regular at in downtown Toronto – Yorkville – T.O.’s version of Haight-Ashbury… tho these were the ‘disco days’; hippydom having passed. So it’s nice to catch up on lives and stories that diverged for so long.

More Bad: I’ve had a number of Dr appointments lately because, quite frankly, I think I’m getting old. I really haven’t felt well since I got sick on New Years Eve – it has been one thing after another and I’m sick & tired of being sick & tired. So, I’m being pro-active; seeing my MD; being compliant with his suggestions, etc. and even EXERCISING. (God help me) Monitoring mood and outlook for signs of a recurrence of chronic depression – gotta watch that – don’t want to go through another bout of that.

So, that’s it; that’s all for today. The good and bad of it. Choose to have a good day; it beats the hell out of the alternative. I am.


  1. OMG – you have a relative that has a chip truck that sells POUTINE !!!!! yes i am shouting 😛

    mr x says we will have to come back to Canada now
    we had lots of poutine over there and the very best one was out of a chip truck in Alexandria

    now that we’re heading into cooler weather I’ve tracked down a recipe for how to make the special curd cheese (can’t buy it in Australia) so when I get around to making some poutine i will post a photo and he can critique it :-)))

    in other news…another granddaughter hey? something to look forward to, Maddy is a little cutey

    sorry to hear you’ve been struggling healthwise
    its hard to keep the chin up when feeling chronically unwell, hope the doc helps you find a solution

  2. LOL…….. YES!! POUTINE!! I just knew you’d get a kick out of that. Say hi to Mr X for me. I SO enjoyed spending that couple of hours with you two. Good luck with the recipe…. you’ll have to let me know how it turns out, of course. Health-wise I’m hanging in. Finding it all mentally wearing tho. Things’ll get better I’m sure.

  3. I have never had poutine. I really want to try it.

    Congratulations on the new granddaughter. 🙂

    I hear you on the rain. Good grief. I’ve had enough of it too. I think a steady diet of sunshine will improve the health and dispositions of all.

    Politics… bah humbug.

    Old friends… yay!

  4. Robin, poutine is a quickly acquired taste but not something you’d want to indulge in too frequently. Layers of cheese curd, french fries and gravy and sometimes mayonaisse. Today we’re basking in all too rare sunshine. I’m hoping it lasts into the weekend so we can break in the new bbq that Lynda and her sons bought me as an early Fathers Day gift. It has been used a couple of times so far but not by me. Back to the Dr today for follow up, more tests and meds. We’re working on things….. comin’ along.

  5. Norm, a BBQ christening calls for good weather indeed
    hope it happens for you

    Robin, when you do try it, go for the original poutine, not the fancy tarted up ones – and as Norm suggests, its the kind of food thats doable if you’ve just spent the day snowshoeing, skiing or any other outdoor activity requiring sustained periods of exertion

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