Summer’s Back

September 9, 2011

apparently has been broken. No more sweltering in the mid-thirties (damn)… now we’re having day time highs in the low and mid 20’s. (not bad) And nights dropping to the mid teens. (ack!)

fly high

I’m very happy it is Friday. With it being the first week that school is back, the support workers on strike, management filling in and processing registrations and payments this has been a chaotic and stressful week for everyone involved. Tho I’ve been really surprised at how few incidents we’ve had to deal with – a few disgruntled, uninformed students have challenged the mostly cheerful staff. A very positive crew I work for and with. Me, I just try to help out where I can and diffuse tense situations when they crop up.

No big plans for the weekend really though there’s lots to do in the yards…. and the eaves could use a coat of paint. I don’t really relish the thought of multiple trips up & down a ladder and reaching at odd angles to apply the paint. Can’t work above my head as easily as I used to do. We’re to have some prime weather meant for BBQ-ing – time to marinate up some steaks. Sounds good to me.


Have a good weekend but  for gosh sakes behave yourselves



  1. who is gosh ?
    if we have to behave ourselves when he/she is around, I don’t like him/her


    nice little skywatch image snuck in again – have you linked?

    glad you made it through the ‘start of school’ blues, which seemed to be exacerbated by many other factors this time around

    here in the land downunder, Mr X is counting a couple of weeks away from a short term break, then into 4th term, and the hectic leadup to summer/xmas

  2. That darned gosh seems to pervade all and everything and hang about like Damocles sword just waiting to drop on the unsuspecting.

  3. Oh, and submitting for skywatch would require some preparation and organization – can see either of those happening. Hope Mr X enjoys his time off. You’ll be continuing to work thru I imagine.(?) The strike at my workplace continues; folks are getting tired and stressed; each day the strikers are upping the delays they cause. I’m hoping their contract gets settled in a hurry before someone winds up getting hurt.

  4. Oh, who wants to behave? 😉

    Beautiful cloud shots, Norm. I’m kind of glad to see summer on its way out.

  5. I could do with about 10 months of summer, 2 weeks each of spring and fall, and a few weeks of winter… a couple of doozy snowstorms and be done with it. Just for the record – I managed to behave myself pretty well this weekend. No one’s feelings were hurt and no one lost an eye. Just sayin’.

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