Not Irving Penn

December 15, 2011

….whose body of work included some of the most famous and notable of people but also the mundane details of the everyday like cigarette butts.

Nor, Rorschach and his famed ink blot psychological tests.

No, these are a few coffee, hot chocolate and latte spills.

X marks the spot

you go that way; i'll go this way. meetcha laterhigh impact

On a related tangent…. another found shot.

air kiss

A completely unrelated note – It’s been raining steadily since yesterday afternoon and I’M NOT COMPLAINING because ordinarily at this time of year it would mean shovelling snow… and I’m so not into that. So, rain away and stay mild…. bring it on, baby. 



  1. hmmm…. I see WordPress ate one of my photos again.

  2. ooh – love the street grunge direction your work in this post is taking
    were those lips really on the wall, or is the shot taken through a glass window/wall that someone kissed?
    cool capture regardless

  3. Thanks Kel – the ‘air kiss’ is on a high glass wall that encloses a large vestibule. The campus pub is right next door so that may have something to do with it 😉

  4. great spotting a clever photo opportunity

  5. We must keep our eyes peeled at all times, must’nt we?

  6. Coming to view the actual page I see WordPress’s template changed when processing this post and is taking up all the space left-to-right, dropping links and such to the bottom of the page. Lovely 😦

  7. 🙂 Fixed!

  8. The air kiss is really cool.

    I’d rather be shoveling snow. All this rain is becoming depressing.

  9. It was clear early yesterday, clouded over, rained last evening but NOW the big chill is decending from the north. It’s clear, cold and windy. Brrrrr…..
    I like the air kiss best too. It was just the randomness of the others that I sorta liked.

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