Time Flies

April 20, 2012

Pretty soon I’m going to forget how to log in here if I don’t do it more often. Everything lately had been about the interview I attended yesterday – studying the job description and specifications; looking through my notebooks from college, searching the Ministry website and printing off applicable material, cramming, reading, studying. Now it’s over and I feel it went really well – that I have a solid shot at this job. I should find out next week.

The one nice break during the last week was driving Mom into the eastern Toronto suburbs to my Aunt Jane’s place to meet up with her remaining in-laws – my Dad’s sibs. A few of my cousins were there having brought their parents so it was good to catch up on their lives too. Here’s a shot of me showing Jane a shot I had taken of her. In back of me is Jane’s daughter Lynne; atop the cabinet is a photo of Lynne’s daughter Sarah from her wedding day; behind Jane is a stained glass shade that my father made.

Family Fun

Yup, time flies when you’re busy. Working later on today and lots lined up for the weekend. Have a good one, peeps!


  1. you look so relaxed and happy in this shot, when it first loaded i thought it was a photo of you celebrating a new job!

    what a lovely multi-generational shot showing, grandma, mother, daughter

    still spinning the prayer wheels for you and hope next week brings that which you have been seeking

  2. Glad you like that shot – so do I. Jane was laughing because I called her ‘fetching’. Thanks for the good wishes….. looking promising.

  3. Lookin’ good, Norm. I love the way you contained so much meaning in one photo.

    Still keeping my fingers crossed for you, although it occurs to me you might have heard something by now. If you have, I hope it was all good. 🙂

  4. Thanks Robin – I figured for the uninitiated I’d best describe the who’s, what’s & whatevers. Mom was complaining today about one shot of her that circulated; not sure if it was one of mine or my cousin Rob’s. Haven’t heard a peep as yet but it may take more time as its with corrections – background checks, etc. Still hopeful. 🙂

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