This Weeks Music Tip

November 14, 2011

Tedeschi Trucks Band - Revelator

I borrowed this from the library about a week ago and it has scarcely been off the CD player. There is a rare, fine quality to Susan Tedeschi’s voice that really appeals to my ears. Combining those talents with those of her husband, Derek Trucks on lead guitar, and the fine band they’ve assembled is brilliant music making at it’s finest. Great song writing, wonderful playing, terrific production values all anchored by THAT VOICE.


Lemme see…. fave tracks…. Okay, the lead off track – “Come See About Me’, then “Bound For Glory’, and ‘Until You Remember’,  ‘These Walls’, & ‘Learn How To Love’. So that’s 5 tracks out of 12 that are faves and I could have substituted another 3 for any of these so I’d say that’s a pretty strong album.

Buy this album and go see them if they tour nearby!



  1. I have a few of Susan Tedeschi’s albums, and love her voice. I heard some of this album on the radio a few weeks ago (they were in Chicago at the House of Blues), and really enjoyed it. It’s already on my list of CD’s to buy. I better get it before they stop making CD’s.

  2. I think she’s just great and with the two of them combining talents like this couldn’t get any better. Thank God for libraries….. it’s one way in which I don’t mind my tax money being applied to. Going to start into reading ‘Half Broke Horses’ by Jeanette Walls tonight. Ought to be good.

  3. i’m with you Norm and find borrowing cd’s from the library a great way to discover new music, new artists

    she certainly has a great voice
    how cool that they got to work together this time

  4. We’re fortunate here to have such a good library system; lots of up-to-date print and music releases. She has a voice like a shot of bourbon with a honey chaser. Their styles go really well together.

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