Wood, Trees, Leaves

November 17, 2011

Progress against the tide

It’s been a busy week here so far between work and working around the house before going to work. We had our yards cleaned up a couple of weeks ago as the willow and birch shed their leaves early. This past weekend though we had a long gusty rain storm that blew our neighbour’s maple leaves into our yard, completely carpeting it. How many leaves does a 70 foot maple tree have? About a kazillion.


This one? Well, when you’re sorta daydreamy from a long period of raking you start to notice the small details around you. To most people I suppose this is just a board on a fence.

Line, Shape, Tone Jumble

Last night around dinner time the wind started blowing from the north and the temperature dropped about 10 degrees in 2 hours. Today it looks like we’ll get up to maybe 6 deg C and it’s still gusty as anything. Apparently there is supposed to be a big dump of snow today further north (which is fine; it can stay up there). We have a few threatening looking clouds whizzing by ourselves.

for Kel

This is getting to be an annual thing but…. as I raked there were continuous V’s of Canada geese going over. Probably around a thousand a minute spread across the sky, every which way you looked…. and Lord, they are noisy as they flew with all their honking. If they fly low enough you can hear the swishing of the air through their feathers, too. Our dog Milo just sits and stares with a very worried and puzzled look on his face. Speaking of…. here’s my boy now.Ā 


Autumn Colours



  1. i just finished commenting to someone on my blog that it was getting too hot here and I wanted to go somewhere with snow, so i popped over here and read about snow clouds forming

    so jealous!

    we should make like geese, we’ll head north, you can head south, maybe meet somewhere over hawaii, do a key swap, then continue on to where the grass is greener on the other side …

    milo looks like he loves autumn leaves

  2. I love the foxy face and saw it right away.

    Look at all those leaves! I like to rake leaves, but we don’t rake out here in the country (we’d be raking forever). We just mulch the leaves into the lawn with the last mow of the season. Not nearly as much fun as raking.

    The geese didn’t make it too far south of you. They’re hanging out here. Ducks, too.

  3. Robin – I’m just in from another couple of hours and several bags to the curb…. raking. The only logical conclusion is they multiply at night. Curses!! I liked in when I was young and in our neighbourhood on a still falll day everyone would have a smudge fire going in a firepit or ditch and get rid of all the leaves at once. Of course there would always be one mother freaking out because she had hung laundry out to dry……. ah, the good old days.

  4. You do come up with the best ideas Kel. That was fun chatting with you on FB last night. Must do that again one day/night. I love the heat and you like the cold….. swapping sounds good to me. 6 months about, one hemisphere to the other.

  5. Oh, … Kel & Robin – meant to mention that a couple of weeks ago I spotted an eagle resting in a tall tree while I was driving to work. They’re a rarity around this area but apparently making a comeback along the north shore of Lake Ontario. There was no mistaking this guy though with the size and shape and line of him. Beautiful!

  6. How cool is that, Norm? šŸ™‚

  7. was watching our ‘movie’ of white xmas trip yesterday and loved seeing the eagles again, such magnetic creatures

  8. šŸ™‚ Pretty darned cool Robin!

  9. Trying to cool off sort of by osmosis? or somesuch?

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