Random Shots

August 18, 2009

I’ve been doing quite a lot of this lately – whipping out my cell phone and snapping whatever is before me.

driving into the dawn

driving into the dawn

One morning on the way home I had to drop something off at my townhouse for a tenant and got this shot as I drove. I think I was still seeing spots before my eyes as I laid myself down to sleep a half hour later.

'smoking is very attractive'

'smoking is very attractive'

Do you suppose a poster sized print of this would support aversion therapy?? Yes, I’m still working up to another quit attempt….. how many months has this been going on now?? Too many.

mulberry tree - obverse view

mulberry tree - obverse view

What do I like about this one? The texture of the bark; the shades of green in the lichen and moss; the negative shapes left by the trunk and branches; the ‘face’ looking left from the right side of the trunk.

woeful whitewashed wall

woeful whitewashed wall

Try saying that 10 times fast… woeful whitewashed wall. Good luck with that. Actually it was Stevo’s post I had in mind when I took this one but as you can see (if you follow the link) his is wonderful in it’s craft and execution. And all I got was a picture of paint peeling off a wall; I’ll blame the lighting…. and equipment… and the angle… and the cropping (lack of). Maybe I’ll go back on a sunny day with a real camera and a tripod and see what I get, ha, ha.


  1. Thanks for the mention, Norm. Keep “whipping it out” you’ll be surprised what you capture.

    I’m trying to work up the courage to quit (again) as well. I’ve seen a new medication (which I won’t name ’cause this comment will end up spammed) and am thinking I might try it.

  2. and thank you for the encouragement, young Mr Stevo.

    Smoking does suck the big one, doesn’t it?? Some of the new meds are very good. Best of luck tackling the monster.

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