September 30, 2009

Testyday. I had a ‘Wordless Tuesday’ on account of having just a couple of hours sleep, once again. There wasn’t much of anything that occurred to me that needed sharing here. Sometimes it’s best simply to be still instead of blathering on about 9 times nothin’. It would have been a bunch of bitching and moaning – who needs that. Nooooooo – body! (BTW, I had 9 or 10 solid hours of sleep today)

Insomnia! Ain’t it a common problem? After a bit of back and forth with lazybuddhist on the subject I went searching for free ambient sound downloads and found this for anyone who is interested: http://cantonbecker.com/music/white-noise-sleep-sounds/ I didn’t get a chance to download it myself today but it’ll be hitting my mp3 player very soon.

What I did do was get all my art materials out and play. Yes, play!?!?! Did I produce anything at all interesting, worthwhile or  arty?? Not a chance, baby. But I did have a bit of fun and killed some time while I occupied myself in the pursuit. I had the desk covered with papers of various sizes and types, markers, crayons, chalk pastels, conte crayons. Tonight I might get out the kids water colour set and fool around with washes. Maybe do some actual drawing and get my eye and hand in co-ordination.

So, what possessed me to pick up my kit of drawing stuff after a summer long layoff?? Well, there are plenty of folks out in blogland who inspire me but I had a cluster of messages either in response to comments or straight emails that served as a direct prompt to get back at it. That and having been directed to some incredible works of art…. it’s hard not to be inspired when you see greatness. One example; over at red Ravine are ybonesy and Quoinmonkey. I asked when QM would be posting more of her mandala series and she got back to me promptly. (Love her work!) yb must have seen the comment thread and emailed me about a post at Heather’s Anuvue Studio blog featuring the work of artist Raina Colvin. Mindblowingly brilliant! So, that’s just one example…. there were more of you who contributed to the ‘push’. If I come up with anything worth sharing you’ll be the first to see it. Just don’t hold your breath.


  1. Good thing you’re not NaBloPoMo obliged, otherwise your Wordless Tuesday would have been Testy Tuesday. I’m afraid during my month of words, many of them turned out to be bitching and moaning.

    Let me know how the ambient sounds work for you. If you have an iPhone or iTouch, you can download Sleepmaker Storms Free version. That’s what I’ve been using. In fact, I even sprang for the 1.99 and got the pro version. Like I said, sometimes it works, sometimes not. But, I still enjoy the sound of rain, so even if it doesn’t lull me to sleep, it’s nice.

  2. I know there were times it didn’t seem you were enjoying NaBloPoMo but as a reader I did whether you were bitching and moaning or not. You write well, what can I say??

    Today I got the download to the computer done but didn’t have time to dump my playlist and load up the ‘ambient sound’. Tomorrow….

    Back a number of days ago when our wet weather started I got to go to sleep to the sound of a steady rain. Best sleep I had in ages. Thanks for the info and advice, lb. Sweet dreams.

  3. Thanks again for the kind words, Norm. I just want to encourage you to keep playing around with the markers and washes and anything else you find. That’s exactly how I got back into painting and drawing and making art in a serious way again.

    I had a couple of nights early this week where I woke up at 3, almost got out of bed, but finally made it back to sleep. But two solid nights last night and night before. I’m not generally prone to get insomnia (QM is, though) and when I get it, man do I get grumpy.

  4. Geez, yb, do you think it shows… you know… how highly I think of you and QM?? Thanks so much for the encouragement. It means a lot coming from you. You need to be twins with all you have going on.

    Yeah, I had a good grump on the other night and that’s why I decided to keep quiet. Bloody martyr, I am.

    I’m hoping for a quiet night tonight so I can play some more. Hee-hee.

  5. Norm, thanks so much for your kind words. And for continuing to check in on the mandala posts. I almost got the September mandala post up, it’s 2/3 done, but then I ended up starting a new job and it’s really thrown my schedule!

    I have been working on coloring the 72 mandalas from the new book that Liz bought me. It’s so relaxing to work on them after a draining day on my feet all day. You inspire me to keep at them with your comments on red Ravine. I really appreciate that.

    And keep getting out those art materials and working away. I believe art changes us. For the better. Isn’t Raina Colvin’s work amazing? I just had a moment to check it out on Heather’s site. Her mandalas are incredible.

  6. I appreciate you stopping in and thanks for your kind words as well. No pressure to hurry your post; it simply gives me something to look forward to seeing. I’m guilty of some foot dragging of late and I draw the inspiriation to pick it up again from people like you. Keep on doing what you do so well.

    I have to agree with what you say about Raina’s work – such talent, that vision, incredible use of colour. She certainly set a standard, doesn’t she?

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