Dashing Off Notes

December 4, 2009

** We tied a 70 year old record for having a snowless November. Woo-Hoo! Colder weather is upon us and the white stuff could start any time now.

** Getting political – just sent a letter to several local and provincial politicians to protest planned cuts to funding for local mental health and addictions services. Per capita funding is way below average.

** My smoking quit is more a reduction for the time being – cut use by half. Not great but better. Yeah, yeah… I’ll get on it.

** I attended that meditation session back on Tuesday and enjoyed it; found it to be beneficial. I’m getting details on whose recording we were listening to and will share them later. Prior to – they had a labyrinth set up in an adjoining room and I walked it. It will be there once a month on the first Tuesday of the month. Similar design to ‘Chartres’ but a wee bit different. Walking palms down inward letting go; upward on the way back out receiving. A bit of self-care.


  1. on the upside down part of the world, (or should i say the right side up part) November saw records broken here for hottest temps recorded

    interested to know more about the meditation stuff, and so excited you got to walk a labyrinth, was it your first time?

    what was it constructed of?
    did they create an atmosphere with candles or music or was it a basic installation?

    how did you feel afterward?

  2. I’m still waiting for a reply about whose session was playing in the meditation. This was #1 of 4. Christian based. There were about 20 of us there including 3 or 4 men.

    I arrived a bit early and the first door I opened led into an enormous open rooom. 3ft x 6ft sections of mat had been assembled for a 25ft(?), maybe 30ft square. Darkened room, candlelit, ambient music. I had just enough time to walk it before the meditation session started.

    It felt good and I’m glad I had the chance to do it. Glad I did it then because afterward there was a line up to walk it. Exhaling and letting go of the bad stuff. Inhaling and refreshing the good.

    I should have done trackbacks to your and QM’s (at red Ravine) posts about walking them but time didn’t allow.

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