Autumn Arrives

October 21, 2011

… with a thud.

Showing offWhat'dya mean I've changed?

Yes, so… a little catching up. We had nice summery weather over the Thanksgiving weekend – a beautiful run of temps in the high 20’s which I think set some records around here. It deteriorated come Tuesday and it rained for most of the rest of the week. Gotta take the bad once you’ve enjoyed the good I suppose. Now it has gotten lots cooler – around 7C at night and daytime highs of just 12 or 14C.

That puts Lynda and I at situation normal for the fall and winter months already. She continues in perma-hot-flash mode and complaining that she’s still too hot or reveling in the coolness. I’m chilled all the time and can’t get my hands and feet warm; already layering up and dreading the real cold weather to come.

Back on the TG weekend I saw my next oldest brother Dave and his wife Deb. Dave I see fairly regularly but I hadn’t seen Deb for 2 or 3 years. Good to catch up. Unfortunately it was at a memorial service for her father.

This past weekend our eldest brother passed through town to visit Mom so we slid over there to catch up with them before they take off south for the winter. Hadn’t seen Gord and Roberta for at least 2 years. Sucks that we’re all so spread out at points all over the map.

Had a bit of a shocker from Mom last week, too. She’s intending to sell her condo and move in with sister Linda and her new hubby Mike. They’ve got an agent searching for someplace suitable and have listed the condo.

Stepson #3 is moving his chip truck at the end of the week to a location closer to his home. Walking distance – YAY!!!! That means I won’t have to get up each morning and drive him to work = more time between the sheets for me!!!! Guess what Kel? Poutine has been his top seller through this season; closely followed by his ‘peameal bacon on a kaiser’ slathered with molten cheese.

straight as a die – jet contrail thru high cloud

 Me? I’m working on my head space which hasn’t been great lately. I was glad to get that trip out to see my kids and their families but it made me realize how much I miss having them around on a regular basis. Trying to make the best of my work situation too and sort out finances. Lots to do; lots to stay on top of. I’ll see which way the wind blows me.

**Note** I thought this had posted the other day but just found it in ‘drafts’. Looks like it dropped one of the photos too. Oh well – here tis anyway, as is. 


  1. of course poutine is the bestseller!

    sounds like there’s lots going on as always at your place

    enjoy those last warmish days of autumn
    i’ll send you a truckload of sunheat if you want
    we’ve had 30 degrees C this week which is too hot for this time of year and leaving me in fear of what summer holds

    ah, the grass is always greener …

  2. That sounds like our quick transition from spring into fullblown summer temps. One day you need a jacket or sweater and the next you’re in t-shirts, shorts and sandals. Whatever heat you can spare, we will be happy to take.

  3. I have to sympathize with Lynda on this one, Norm. Hot flashes, if harnessed, would probably put out incredible amounts of energy. M, on the other hand, would sympathize with you. He’s always cold, it seems.

    I do sympathize (and empathize) with you on having the family spread out all over creation. I would dearly love to spend more time with my granddaughters, in particular, as I feel like we have to spend the first day or two getting reacquainted whenever we do get together. It would be nice to babysit on a regular basis. 🙂

  4. Ha, ha…. this morning when I got up it was 58F in here and I damned near froze over coffee so I put the furnace on (finally). Fleecey sheets on the bed too.

    Yeah, I hear you about the g’kiddies. They are so young, change so fast That I hate to be missing their young childhood. Lord, they’re smart little cookies though and remember things you wouldn’t suppose they would.

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